Choosing the right job

Published: 28 Apr 2015

It can feel pretty overwhelming when choosing your next job. Where do you even start?

Discovering Your Strengths

It’s good to start by realising what you are good at. Everyone has their own unique skill set and experience that would be valuable to a potential employer. Start by thinking about things you have been recognised for in the past. What would your friends say are your best qualities? Are you outgoing, or book smart? Are you the life and soul of the party, or are you the go-to-person for advice?

Past Experience

Did you go to college or university, or even have the opportunity to complete a unique apprenticeship? What did you enjoy about those experiences, and were there any aspects you didn’t particularly enjoy and would like to avoid in the future? Do you have any unique skills that you picked up through hobbies, travelling or other social activities that could aid you in employment?

What Are Employers Looking For?

Now you have a list of your strengths, qualifications, and experiences, you may start getting ideas on what kind of industries, or specific job roles would suit your skill set. Now is the time to start looking at job descriptions for similar roles online to understand what employers are looking for. Do your qualifications hit the mark? Do the roles sound like something you could excited about doing everyday?

Ask People Who Are Doing It

You may be able to find social media groups on Facebook or Linkedin to talk to people who work in the sectors you are considering. This can be a great chance to get the inside scoop on what everyday life is like working in the industry, gain pointers on how best to ace an interview, and anything else worth looking out for. This can be extremely valuable way of weighing up whether working in the industry is right for you.

Job Role Limitations

It may be worth considering whether taking a job in an industry would limit you in some way, and whether you would be ok with that. For instance, a job in the financial sector may be extremely enticing when you imagine the large salary you would be paid, but how do you feel about the 70+ hour week that may go with it?

Industry Ideas

There are job out there to suit all personality types. Here are just a few examples of the kind of jobs available for people of varying interests and backgrounds. Whether you’re a math whizz, or party animal, here are a few jobs that may suit you.

  • Numerical – For those who love working with numbers
    • Auditor Jobs
    • Purchase Ledger Clark Jobs
    • Accountant Jobs
  • ​Outgoing – For those who love being social
    • Sales Jobs
    • Retail Jobs
    • Receptionist Jobs
    • Customer Services Jobs
  • Practical – For those who love getting their hands dirty
    • Driving Jobs
    • Physical Labour Jobs
  • Academic – For those with a background in Academics
    • Lawyer Jobs
    • Teaching Jobs
    • Science related Jobs
  • Caring – For those who love helping people
    • Social worker Jobs
    • Care Assistant Jobs
  • Creative – For those are constantly pushing the boundries
    • Graphic Design Jobs
    • Marketing Jobs

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